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Claim a Principal Place of Residence

A principal place of residence classification may be applied to land on which a dwelling is erected and which is occupied and used by the owner as their main place of residence as at 1 July of each financial year.

This classification cannot be applied to:
  • holiday homes;
  • rented houses or units;
  • vacant land; or
  • commercial land.

Land classified as residential is shown by the abbreviation ‘RES’ on your account.

If only part of the principal residence was used as a main place of residence as at 1 July, then only that portion of the assessed land value can be classified as principal residence land.

In order to qualify for a principal residence classification, the applicant must own at least 50% of the land and the residence must be occupied:

  • by that person, or their spouse,
  • or former spouse,
  • the beneficiary of the estate of a deceased owner,
  • or a beneficiary of a trust appointed by a court.

Home unit company land occupied by the owner, their spouse, or former spouse may also be classified as principal place of residence land.