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Thank you for your interest in the Department of Treasury and Finance. We recognise that the people who work with us are fundamental to achieving our goals.

Our Values
Treasury is a values-based organisation and our decisions and behaviour are guided by the following values:
  • Integrity ... as it builds confidence, trust and self respect, and is the foundation of open and honest communication;
  • Excellence ... as it challenges us to give our best and brings us recognition;
  • Respect ... as it recognises the value of each of us and the contribution we all make;
  • Camaraderie ... as it creates a fun and supportive place to be, and
  • Passion ... as it inspires us to achieve great things.

Treasury seeks to recruit and retain high performing, capable and passionate people who match our cultural profile.

Appointment to positions in the Tasmanian State Service is based on merit. The five key aspects of the merit principle are: knowledge, skills, qualifications, experience and potential for future development.

The material offered on this web page has been designed to assist you to best meet the information requirements of our selection process.

What if I have specific requirements?

Please call the vacancy contact person to discuss any specific requirements that you may need if selected for interview. We seek to give all applicants the best opportunity to demonstrate merit for the role, and will readily consider making reasonable adjustments in the workplace.



Prior to applying for a job, it is a good idea to research the particular vacancy and the department within which it is located. Knowing more about the position and the environment in which it operates enables you to make a more informed decision as to whether your knowledge, skills, experience and qualifications are suited to the requirements of the position and whether you wish to proceed with your application. In seeking extra information, you should:

  • Review the Statement of Duties. A copy of the Statement of Duties can be printed from the Tasmanian Government Jobs Site or may be obtained by contacting the Recruitment Officer by email: or phone (03) 6233 3483.
  • Contact the nominated Contact Officer who can provide further information about the duties of the position.
  • Visit the Treasury Internet site to gain more information about the area in which the job is located.

Written Application

In order to demonstrate your claims to the selection panel, it is important to present a high quality, written application. Many applicants do not proceed past the initial stage of assessment, due to insufficient information addressing the selection criteria. It is important to base your application on your knowledge, skills, experience, qualifications and potential for further development. Doing this will highlight your strengths and help you to be chosen for an interview.

You may choose to attach a short covering letter to introduce yourself and outline your interest in the advertised position. Applications should be word-processed and should contain the following information:

1. Your completed Application for Employment form
  • submit with your application;and
  • ensure that all applicable sections are completed and all details are correct.

2. A statement from you addressing the Selection Criteria:
  • the Selection Criteria are situated within the Statement of Duties (position description);
  • it is suggested that you use each point of the Selection Criteria as a heading and that you provide specific examples and evidence under each to demonstrate that you meet or have the potential to meet each criterion;
  • relate your experience, knowledge, skills and qualifications to each point of the Selection Criteria in substantiating your claim to the position. In doing so, it is also advised that you take into consideration the Position Objectives and Primary Duties of the job, located within the Statement of Duties. Simply stating that you meet the criteria is not sufficient.

Note: If the Selection Criteria includes desirable qualifications, you should not be discouraged from applying if you do not meet this criterion, as you would not be precluded from appointment to the position, provided all of the remaining criteria are met.

Please click the following link for Additional Hints for Addressing the Selection Criteria.

3. Your Resume or Curriculum Vitae:

  • your employment history;
  • educational qualifications and professional affiliations;
  • details of relevant training courses or development programs attended; and
  • any other relevant information.

4. Referees

Referees are people nominated by you that can offer comments in relation to your ability to meet the Selection Criteria specified for the position.

The Application for Employment form requires that two referees be named. The form requires the following information:
  • details of at least two referees, including their names, positions, organisations, business addresses and telephone numbers;
  • at least one referee should be a recent supervisor or someone well qualified to comment on your capacity to fill the position you are applying for.

It is advisable to give your nominated referees a copy of the Statement of Duties and Selection Criteria for the vacancy you are applying for so that they can consider what they may say when contacted by the selection panel for a referee report.

If further referees are required the selection panel will contact you.

5. Application Checklist

Before lodging your application, you should check that you have:

  • conducted sufficient research;
  • completed the Application for Employment form;
  • provided details of at least two referees;
  • addressed the Selection Criteria in detail;
  • attached copies of your resume and qualifications; and
  • checked that your application is complete, accurate and signed.

Lodging the Application

Applications should be lodged either by post, email or fax, by the closing date indicated in the advertisement to:

Department of Treasury and Finance

Postal Address
GPO Box 147
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7001

Street Address
21 Murray Street
Hobart, Tasmania, Australia 7000

Fax: (03) 6233 3851

Applications received after the closing date are generally not accepted.


Appointment to positions in the Tasmanian State Service is based on merit. The role of a selection panel is to make a balanced judgement on the relative merit of the applicants in respect to the selection criteria for the position. Merit is assessed through a selection process usually comprising the written application, the applicant's performance at interview and referee reports, with each part playing an important role. Occasionally selection panels may choose to utilise other forms of assessment, such as written tests or brief presentations. Short listed applicants will be notified prior to interviewing if any other forms of assessment are to be used.


Once applications close, a selection panel is established to review all written applications and shortlist applicants for interview. Only applicants who can demonstrate their ability to meet the selection criteria will be interviewed and the quality of written applications will be a major factor in influencing this decision.

Applicants can expect the short-listing process to be completed within two weeks of the closing date for the vacancy.


If you are chosen for interview, you will be advised by phone or in writing of the date, time and venue at least two working days prior to the interview.

The selection panel for the interview may consist of up to four members. Members will possess a detailed knowledge of the position and the organisation. The interview will be directed towards the selection criteria, with the questions asked being designed to gain more information from you relevant to the selection criteria and Statement of Duties.

You should use the opportunity of the interview to reinforce the relevance of your skills and experience to the position. To prepare for the interview, brainstorm examples or situations that demonstrate your ability to meet selection criteria. Define the situation (what, when, who) describe the actions you took and the end result. You can draw on these examples during your interview.

It is important that your answers are clear, concise and relevant to each question. If you are uncertain about a question or require clarification, it is acceptable to request more information rather than provide an incomplete answer.

Check with the panel that you have answered their questions appropriately and thoroughly, avoiding overwhelming them with detail about previous work.

Once all interviews have been concluded, the selection panel may contact your referees.

Post Selection

Applicants can expect to receive notification of the outcome of the selection process within three weeks of interviews taking place.

Post-selection counselling is available to unsuccessful candidates. Should you wish to take advantage of this, you are invited to contact a member of the selection panel to discuss how you could improve your prospects in future selection processes.

If you have been successful for a position, the Chairperson of the selection panel will contact you and a commencement date will be negotiated. You will also receive formal written notification from the HR Branch.

Application for Employment:
Application For Employment.DOC