Data matching and intelligence

​​Taxpayers and grant recipients are responsible for complying with their taxation and grant obligations respectively, and are required to notify us promptly if they become aware that they have not complied with these requirements.

Where taxpayers or grant recipients fail to comply with their obligations we have a number of tools that it can use to detect this. We regularly match our data against information held by local and national authorities such as:

Information exchange

For the purpose of administering Tasmanian taxation and grant laws, we also share our information with other state and territory revenue offices and the ATO to assist in the proper identification and accurate assessment of taxation liabilities.

The sharing of information is carried out in accordance with:

We are also a member of the Phoenix Taskforce.


Although we share information with other authorities, we are committed to protecting your personal information and only release it in accordance with the relevant legislation. The Personal Information Protection Act 2004 policy statement outlines our approach.​


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