Making payments on Tasmanian Revenue Online

Tasmanian Revenue Online payments can be made using either EFT, Electronic Payment Authorisation or BPAY.

Electronic Payment Authorisation

Important: Under no circumstances can the State Revenue Office debit funds from your account without you clicking on the Authorise button for each transaction.

You can elect to use Electronic Payment Authorisation when you register your account on TRO.

Once you have registered to use TRO you can update your choice using the menu function 'Banking details'.

When your return is completed you can elect to pay using the Electronic Payment Authorisation or you can pay using an alternative method.


Tasmanian Revenue Online provides account details and the reference number that needs to be added to the 'message' section of your payment when using the electronic form within your financial institution's online service.


Tasmanian Revenue Online provides details of the biller reference number and the payment number to be used when making a payment using BPAY.

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