Paying Your Tax Assessment Notice

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ ​Payment options ​​vary by the type of tax or duty you wish to pay (options set out as follows).

If you don't pay the account by the due date, you may incur penalties and/or interest. This amount may be added to your next account, or you will be sent a separate account. 

​​ ​​​​​​​​​​1 - Paying Your Assessment Notice.​​​

The Paym​ent Slip at the bottom (or the back) of your Assessment Notice contains your account number, the amount and due date of the assessment.

Payment opti​​​ons are located on the reverse of the payment slip

​Payment Options​​
BPAY - Payment via internet or phone banking.
BPAY View - View and​ pay this bill via internet banking.
BPAY View Registration No:
<account number>.
Phone ​1300 729 859
​​            Payments of up to $5,000 
            ​may be made using MasterCard 
             or Visa only.
            Operates 24 hours,​ ev​eryday.​​
Service Tasmania ​​
Present this account at any Service Tasmania shop.
See​ for opening hours.

Electronic Funds Transfer
           ​BSB: 037-001
​           Acc No: 268825
           Acc Name: Revenue EFT
           Payment Reference: Your 
           Land Tax account number
           Payments of up to $5,000 may be
made using MasterCard or Visa
Operates 24 hours, everyday.
        Return detachable portion on
        your assessment notice with               your cheque or money order 
       made payable to:​
        The Commissioner of State             Revenue 
        GPO Box 1374,      
        Hobart Tas 7001

2 - Pay online with Service Tasmania's portal 

Pay land tax, payroll tax and motor vehicle stamp duty by credit card. Visa and Mastercard payments only. 

​3 - Making payments via Tasmanian Revenue Online

​Payments relating to Payroll tax, Property Transfer duty and Insurance duty should be made via Tasmanian Revenue Online (TRO). ​​The Make P​ayments via TRO guide is available for more information.​​​

Financial Hardship

In certain circumstances, deferring payment or paying by instalments may be available.

The State Revenue Office must consider a case to be of genuine financial hardship before agreeing to either of the above. Please review the State Revenue Office's Debt M​anagement Guideline for more information.

Terms and conditions

  • Instalments can only be paid by direct debit from the applicant's bank or similar financial institution account, and
  • the applicant must maintain sufficient funds in their account to guarantee payment by the agreed due date/s.

Application to defer payment or pay by instalments online form. ​

​ ​​

​​​​Debt collection agencies

​Do you have a question about your debt, which has been referred to a debt collection agency? 

If yes, please contact the agency directly. 

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