Paying Your Tax Assessment Notice

The Payment Slip at the bottom of your Assessment Notice contains important information

  • your account number
  • the amount and due date of the assessment

Payment options are located on the reverse of the payment slip

* If you don't pay the account by the due date, you may incur penalties and/or interest. This amount may be added to your next account, or you will be sent a separate account.

Financial Hardship

In certain circumstances, deferring payment or paying by instalments may be available.

The State Revenue Office must consider a case to be of genuine financial hardship before agreeing to either of the above. Please review the State Revenue Office's Debt Management Guideline for more information.

Some terms and conditions

  • Instalments can only be paid by direct debit from the applicant's bank or similar financial institution account, and
  • the applicant must maintain sufficient funds in their account to guarantee payment by the agreed due date/s.

Application to defer payment or pay by instalments online form.

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