Supporting documentation

​​​​​​​​​​​​The following supporting documents must be provided with your completed application.

​(If you are applying through an approved agent, they will advise you of the supporting documents required)​. 

1. Evidence of contract 

Purchase of a new or off-the-plan home: a signed copy of the contract for sale; OR

Comprehensive home building contract: a signed copy of the building contract; OR

Owner builder: proof of commencement of construction (ie to at least laying of foundations).


2. Proof of completion of settlement/construction

Purchase of a new or off-the-plan home: copy of the land title in the applicant's name(s) or a Memorandum of Transfer signed by the vendor, together with confirmation from legal practitioner/conveyancer/approved agent that settlement has been completed; OR

Contract to build a new home: Certificate/Permit of completion or occupancy; OR

Owner builder: Certificate/Permit of completion or occupancy.


3. Proof of your identity

​Each applicant (including a spouse or partner) must provide a document from each of the four categories below. This means that four documents are required for each applicant named in your application. A reminder that the same document cannot be used for more than one category; AND

Certified copies of original documents are required for p​roof of identity purposes. Certified means they are witnessed by a Commissioners for Declarations. Refer to details about Commissioners for Declarations.

​​ ​​​

(Provide a certified copy of ONE of the following documents)

If you are an Australian citizen: 

A. ​Australian Passport; OR

B. ​Australian birth certificate issued by Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages; OR

C. a Citizenship Certificate.

If you are a New Zealand citizen:

A current passport. (New Zealand citizens must be living in Australia at the time of applying for the First Home Owner Grant).

If you are a citizen of another country: 

A. Current passport; AND

B. Permanent residency certificate (or permanent residency visa).

NOTE: At least one applicant must have Permanent Residency or Citizenship of Australia.

(Provide a certified copy of ONE of the following documents)

  • Australian Drivers Licence (current) ; OR
  • Passport (current); OR
  • Firearms Licence (current); OR
  • TAS photo identification card, including Australian Government, Tasmanian Govrnment, or Local Government employees. 

(Provide a certified copy of ONE of the following documents)

  • Medicare Card; OR
  • Motor Vehicle Registration; OR
  • Centrelink or Department of Veterans' Affairs Card: OR
  • Debit/credit card, including from a bank, credit union, or building society. ​

(Provide a certified copy of ONE of the following documents)

  • A document showing your residential address (eg bills for electricity, gas, telephone, water or similar); OR
  • Insurance Policy with your current residential address; OR
  • Statement of account could include a statement from a bank, credit union or building society.​
​ ​

4. Evidence of name change

​​Evidence of a name change must be provided where the name on any of your documents is different to the applicant's current name. Evidence can include a marriage certificate, a change of name certificate, a deed poll, or a decree nisi.​

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