First Home Owner Grant

25 May 2023 
- The $30 000 First Home Owner Grant is to be extended to 30 June 2024. This measure is subject to the passage of legislation and Royal Assent. Subscribe to the SRO Email Service to receive updated details once they become available.

A first home owner grant is available to eligible applicants who purchase or build a new home in Tasmania from 

1 July 2016​​A new home is a home that has not previously been occupied or sold as a place of residence and includes kit homes.​ 

$30 000 grant: for transactions that commence between 1 April 2021 and 30 June 2023.

$20 000 grant: for transactions that commence between 1 July 2016 and 31 March 2021.

To apply for the grant you must meet all eligibility requirements.​

​  When you apply for the grant your application must include all owners on title (the applicants). All applicants must         comply with the eligibility criteria. 

​​ The applicant(s) must:​

  • ​be a natural person (not a company);
  • be 18 years old or over;​
  • be an Australian citizen or perm​anent resident (if more than one applicant only one applicant is required to be an ​Australia citizen or permanent residence); and
  • occupy the home as your principal place of residence for a continuous period of at least six months commencing within 12 months of completion of an eligible transaction​.
  Applicant(s) are not eligible as first home owners, if they (or their spouse*) have: 
  • ​owned a residential property in Australia before 1 July 2000;
  • have owned and occupied a residential property for more than six months in Australia after 1 July 2000; or
  • have received the first home owner grant before. 
 * ​A spouse includes someone to whom you are legally married or are in a significant relationship with. For the                definition of a significant relationship refer to the Relationships Act 2003 ​​legislation.
  Between 1 July 2016 and 30 June 2023 (inclusive) you must have:
  • entered into a contract to build your new home (comprehensive building contract)​; or
  • commenced l​aying​ the foundations for your home as an owner builder​; or
  • entered into a contract to buy an "off the plan" or new dwelling (being a dwelling that has not previously been occupied or sold as a place of residence). 
  The building must be completed within 24 months of:
  •  entering into the contract to build (comprehensive building contract​); or
  •  laying the foundations for an owner builder.

  The building is classified as complete at the issue date of the occupancy certificate.


  Movable buildings
   If a moveable building (a building that is fixed to land, not a caravan or mobile home) ​is being purchased, the
   applicant is classified as an owner builder. ​ 

  • the commencement date is taken to be the date of the contract to purchase the new moveable building; and
  • the building must be new (that is, a building that has not previously been used as a place of residence). ​

​     Refer to the eligible transaction requirements​ that apply to your circumstance. 

First home owner grant statistics for Tasmania are available from 2014-15.
If you have any queries in relation to the first home owner grant, refer to the First Home Owner Grant Guideline, legislation​ or email us​​. ​ 
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