Payment of the grant

​​​​​Payment of the grant is at the discretion of the Commissioner for State Revenue. 

Applications lodged with the State Revenue Office will be paid after completion of the eligible transaction. The Commissioner may authorise earlier payment of a first home owner grant on conditions the Commissioner considers appropriate. 

Applications lodged by an approved agent, the payment will be made to the agent when:

  • ​​​Contract to build
    If you are building a home under a comprehensive building contract, payment will be made following completion of the laying of the foundations.

  • Owner builder
    If you are building as an owner builder, payment is usually made on receipt of an occupancy certificate.​
  • ​​​Purchasing a new home or an off-the-plan home
    If you are purchasing a new home or an off the plan home which is financed, then payment is usually made to your financial institution on settlement of your property.​

After payment of the grant

Once you have received the grant, you must ensure you continue to meet the eligibility criteria throughout the eligibility period. 

You must reside in the property as your principal place of residence for 6 continuous months in the first 12 months.

If your relevant circumstances c​hange after you have applied for​ or received the grant, you are required to notify us​ within 14 days

We ​routinely undertake investigations and regularly check First Home Owner Grant applications for incorrect information and compare your information to data from other government agencies and businesses. If you provide false or misleading information you will be required to repay the grant and may face a substantial penalty.​​

Application process
Chan​ges to your circumstances​


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