Supporting documentation

​This list of supporting documentation can also be found on the First Home Owners Grant application.

If you are applying through an Approved Agent, supporting documentation will be arranged by the agent.

If lodging at a Service Tasmania shop the following documents must accompany your application.

Evidence of eligible transaction

Purchase of an existing home - a signed copy of the contract for sale and purchase

Comprehensive home building contract - a signed copy of the building contract

Owner builder - proof of commencement of construction (ie to at least laying of foundations)

Proof of completion of settlement/construction

Purchase of an existing home - copy of the land title in the applicant's name(s) and Memorandum of Transfer signed by the vendor, together with confirmation from Solicitor/Approved Agent that settlement has been completed

Contract to build a new home - Certificate/Permit of Completion or Occupancy

Owner builder - Certificate/Permit of Completion or Occupancy

Proof of Identity

Lodging with an Approved Agent - provide a category 1 document only to establish your citizenship or permanent residency. The 100 point check conducted by the Approved Agent will meet the remaining Proof of Identity categories.

Lodging with Service Tasmania - the following evidence must be submitted with your application:

      • Each applicant and their spouse must provide a document from each of the four categories (four documents per person). A single document cannot be used for more than one category.
      • Preferred documents are shown below. For more information on acceptable documents, please contact the SRO direct.
      • Certified copies of original documents are required for Proof of identity purposes. These must be signed by the person certifying the copy ​(For persons who can certify copies, refer to the Department of Justice details on Commissioner of Declarations).

Categories of evidence

Category 1- Evidence of applicant's right to be in Australia

(Provide one document)

Australian citizen

          • Australian Passport, or
          • Australian birth certificate issued by Registry of Births Deaths and Marriages


          • Citizenship Certificate

New Zealand citizen

          • Current passport 

NOTE: New Zealand citizens must be living in Australia at time of application

Citizen of another country

          • Current passport, and
          • Permanent residency certificate or permanent residency visa

NOTE: At least one applicant must have Permanent Residency or Citizenship of Australia

Category 2*- Linkage between Identity and Person (photo and preferably signature)

(Provide one document)

          • Australian Drivers Licence (current)
          • Passport (current)
          • Firearms Licence (current)
          • TAS photo identification card, including Australian, Tasmanian or Local Government employees

Category 3* - Evidence that applicant resides in Australia

(Provide one document)

          • Medicare Card
          • Motor Vehicle Registration
          • Centrelink or Department of Veterans Affairs Card
          • Debit/credit card, including a Bank/Credit Union or Building Society

Category 4* - Evidence of applicant's residential address

(Provide one document)

          • Utility documents of residential address (eg bills for electricity, gas, telephone, water etc)
          • Insurance Policy with current residential address
          • Statement of account, including a Bank/Credit Union or Building Society

* Not required if application is lodged through an Approved Agent

NOTE: Evidence of a Change of Name is required if the name on any of the documents presented is different to the name of the applicant (eg marriage certificate, change of name certificate or deed poll)

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