Land Tax

Land tax is an annual tax payable by the owner of land (classified as general land) as at 1 July each year. Properties that are taxable include vacant land, commercial properties, rental properties and shacks. 

​​Land tax is not payable on a property which is the owner's principal place of residence (principal residence land) or the land classified as primary production land. ​​​​Property owners need to apply for either of these land classifications.

Types of land classifications and what to do if your land classification change​s.​​​ 

View the rates of land tax​.
Check if you are eligible for an exemption, rebate or concession on your land tax​.

Explains when companies are grouped for the purpose of land tax.

Calculate your land tax. ​

Explains the land tax search and ​why is it required. 

Use the SMS messaging service to remind you if your land tax account is not paid.

Request to receive future land tax notices by email.

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