New home used for long term rental exemption

​Land tax is normally payable on property that is not your principal place of residence. If its use meets the eligibility requirements below, you may qualify for an exemption from land tax for up to three financial years.

Refer to New home used for long term rental guideline for additional information.​


The initial eligibility requirements are:

  • The land must be General Land. It must not be used for principal residence or primary production purposes.
  • Each dwelling on the land must be a new dwelling. It must not have previously been occupied or sold as a place of residence.
  • The first occupancy permit for any dwelling on the land must have been issued between 8 February 2018 and 30 June 2024.
  • A written residential tenancy agreement, within the meaning set out in Section 3 of the Residential Tenancy Act 1997 must be in place for at least one of the properties, for a fixed period of at least 12 months.
  • If there is more than one dwelling on the land, you must demonstrate you have actively been trying to put in place a written residential tenancy agreement, referred to above, for all other dwellings.


How to apply

To apply for the land tax exemption:​

If you are unsure whether ​your property qualifies for this exemption, email us with the details.​


Requirements after approval

Once your application is approved, to continue to receive the exemption you must ensure that:  

  • the land is not used for principal residence purposes by the owner of the land;
  • no dwelling on the property is vacant for a total period of more than 6 weeks; and​​
  • no dwelling on the property is used for a purpose other than being rented under a residential tenancy agreement, within the meaning of the  Residential Tenancy Act 1997​.
​If your application is approved, on each of the two financial years following the approval, you will be a​sked to complete a brief questionnaire. These are due diligence checks to ensure that the eligibility requirements are still being met.


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