​​​Tasmanian-based foreign developers may apply for a reassessment and refund of the Foreign Investor Land Tax Surcharge under certain conditions.

A 'Tasmanian-based foreign developer' is a foreign person who operates a business:

  • that acquires land in Tasmania with the aim of developing the land;
  • ​with at least 80 per cent of the wages of management and administration staff of the business being taxable wages within ​the meaning of the Payroll Tax Act 2008 in that year; and
  • in Tasmania for the majority of its business hours in that year.

The developer or their business must have:

  • been issued with occupancy permits for at least 50 dwellings in that financial year that meet the following criteria:

​​a) the dwelling is situated on land, within Tasmania, that was acquired by the foreign developer after 1 July 2022;
b) laying of foundations (or building commencement in the absence of foundations) occurred on or after 1 July 2022; and
c) the occupancy permit was issued within three (3) years of the developer acquiring the land;

  • paid (or be liable for) FILTS in respect of the land on which one or more of the newly constructed dwellings are situated; and
  • complied with all of the requirements of the Foreign Investment Review Board​.​

How to apply

To apply for a reassessment of the foreign investor land tax surcharge:

  • email taxhelp​; and 
  • attach copies of the Occupancy Permits.​​

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