Land tax search

​​​​​​​​​A land tax search certificate shows the land tax payable for that property for the financial year, and includes an estimate of land tax owing by a property vendor at settlement date.

​A land tax search shows the land tax that is:  

  • outstanding on the property you are selling and on all other properties on your land tax account (this amount must be paid before finalising the sale/transfer);  
  •  payable for the property for the financial year (this will help you to calculate how much land tax can be recovered on settlement).​

Searches are based on the information available on the land tax database at the date and time of the search. A certificate is issued which includes the date and time of the search.

Refer to the Land tax search factsheet for additional information.

Search cost

The fee is $12.15 effective 1 July 2019. 

This fee is updated annually in accordance with the CPI adjustment factor provided for under Section 5 of the Fee Units Act 1997.

How to apply for a search

 To apply for a land tax search certificate from a Service Tasmania Shop or the State Revenue Office:

 Supporting documentation​​

 Provide a copy of the signed contract.

 To apply for a land tax search on Tasmanian Revenue Online​:

 Refer to the Legal practitioners and conveyancers - land tax search guideline for additional information.

 Supporting documentation

 ​Provide the land value (without improvements).


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