Dutiable value

​​​​​​​​​​The dutiable value of a motor vehicle determines how much duty is payable.

​New motor vehi​cles

The dutiable value of a new motor vehicle (including those purchased with the benefit of a manufacturer’s fleet discount) is the consideration (purchase price) paid for the vehicle. 

The purchase price (dutiable value) includes:

  • the value of trade-ins; 
  • amounts paid for accessories fitted and after-market treatments carried out before the sale date; 
  • dealer delivery fee; 
  • GST; and 
  • luxury car tax.

The sale date is deemed to be the date the customer takes delivery of the vehicle.

​Used motor vehicles

The dutiable value of a used motor vehicle is the greater of:

  • purchase price (consideration) paid for the vehicle (including the value of any trade-ins); or 
  • ​vehicle market value when vehicle was acquired or on lodgement of notice of change of beneficial ownership; or
  • vehicle market value at application to register the vehicle.

Vehicle purchased at auction 

Where a vehicle is purchased at auction, the total purchase price will be taken as being the dutiable value of the vehicle. 

Important: the purchase price is the total amount paid by the purchaser to the auction house, including any fees charged by the auction house (such as “buyer’s premium” or similar fee, credit card fee, delivery fee and so on). ​

​Refer to the Motor vehicle dutiable value guideline for additional information.


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