Insurance Duty Calculator

General Insurance

- defined in Section 163 of the Duties Act 2001.

The rate of duty for General Insurance is 10% of the premium paid including commission payments, intermediary discounts, GST, terrorism levy and fire service levy.

This rate came into effect on 1 October 2012. The previous rate was 8%. For details of this change, read Factsheet General Insurance Duty Rate Change.

General Insurance Duty Calculator

When was premium paid?
Before 1 October 2012
On or after 1 October 2012
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Life Insurance

- defined in Section 172 of the Duties Act 2001:
(1) Life Insurance policy (other than a temporary or term insurance policy, or a mortgage insurance policy) duty is based on the sum insured.
​Sum Insured​Rate of Duty
​$0 - $2,000​10 cents per $200, or part thereof, of the sum insured
​Over $2,000​$1 plus 20 cents per $200, or part thereof, of the sum insured that exceeds $2,000

Life Insurance Duty Calculator

Sum insured
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(2) Temporary or Term Insurance policy - duty is 5% of the first year's premium including GST.

Temporary or Term Insurance Duty Calculator

1st years Premium paid
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(3) Mortgage Insurance policy - duty is 2% of the premium including GST.

Mortgage Insurance Duty Calculator

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(4) $50 is chargeable on an annuity, issued by a life company or purchased by a person from a life company, that complies with Subsection 174(6) Duties Act 2001.

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