Pensioner Rates Remission

Pensioner Rates Remission 2017-18

Eligible pensioners (including health care card holders) are entitled to a rates remission of the lesser of:

  • the prescribed maximum amount; or
  • 30% of your rates.

The prescribed amounts for 2017-18 are:

  • $299 if you are a TasWater client; or
  • $440 if you are not a TasWater client.


Holders of the following cards may be eligible for the remission:

  • Pensioner Concession Card (PCC);
  • Health Care Card (HCC);
  • Department of Veterans' Affairs 'Gold Card' endorsed with TPI or War Widow/Widower.

Your card must have been granted on or before 1 July 2017. The date granted is shown on your card.

The property that the rates remission applies to must be your principal place of residence, ie the property where you usually live, eat and sleep.

Not available: The rates remission is not available if the person has only the Commonwealth Seniors Health Care Card.

How do I apply?

Apply in person at your local Council before 31 March of the relevant financial year (for 2017-18 this is 31 March 2018).

When you apply you will be asked to:

  • show your PCC, HCC or 'Gold Card'; and 
  • certify that the property you are applying for is your principal place of residence.

Retrospective Claims

Retrospective claims are limited to one financial year.

To be eligible for a retrospective claim:

  • you must have been the holder of a PCC, HCC or 'Gold Card' (endorsed with TPI or War Widow/Widower) on or before 1 July of the relevant financial year; and
  • your property must have been your principal place of residence.

The prescribed amounts for 2016-17 were:

  • $292 for a Regional water corporation client; or
  • $430 if not a Regional water corporation client.

Retrospective claims must be lodged with your Local Council before 31 March of the financial year following the one you're claiming. For example, a retrospective claim for 2016-17 must be lodged with your local council by 31 March 2018.

More Information

For more information contact your local Council

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