Duty concession for first home buyers of established homes

​​​​The concession provides a 50 per cent discount on property transfer duty for first home buyers of established homes, which have a dutiable value of $400 000 or less.


For this exemption all of the purchasers/transferees:

  • must purchase an established home in Tasmania between 7 February 2018 and 30 June 2022​ (inclusive) that does not exceed $400 000; and
  • must be a natural person (not a company or a trust); and
  • must be at least 18 years of age*; and
  • must be an Australian citizen or permanent resident - or if there is more than one applicant, at least one of them must meet this criteria; and
  • must not have previously owned a home (or have a spouse/partner who owned a home) in Australia; and
  • must not have received a First Home Owner Grant in any state or territory of Australia or the Duty Concession before (or have a spouse/partner who has); and
  • must fully complete the application form and lodge with all relevant supporting documentation; and
  • must ensure each person holding a relevant interest in the property is listed on the application form.

In addition to the above requirements, eligible transferees must occupy the home as their principal place of residence for a continuous period of 6 months commencing within 12 months of purchasing the property*. 

To comply with the requirement of a principal place of residence, the property must be the place at which you usually eat and sleep – leaving personal belongings at a vacant residence is not sufficient to meet this condition. The duty concession may be applied in anticipation of this requirement being met.

* The Commissioner has a discretion to vary this requirement in some circumstances. 


How to apply

To apply for the concession, and to seek a duty refund:

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