Property Transfer Duty Calculator

​​​Duty is payable within three months of a transfer occurring and is payable on the greater of the consideration paid or the unencumbered value of the property.

If a transaction was negotiated on the open market and at arm's length, the consideration (including GST) is accepted as reflecting the unencumbered value of the property and is used to determine the duty payable.

For all other transactions, it is highly recommended that you discuss any duty liabilities with your representative (solicitor/conveyancer) or contact the State Revenue Office on 03 6166 4400 or by e-mail.

To calculate the duty liability on a transfer of property, enter the consideration paid or the unencumbered value in the calculator (including GST).

Please Note:
1. Each time you change the 'Date of Transfer' selection or the amount entered in the 'Value' box you need to click 'Calculate' to recalculate the amount of duty owed.
2. Clicking 'Reset' will clear the amounts in the 'Value' and 'Duty Owed' boxes.​

Transfer of Dutiable Property

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