SMS reminders

​​​We use an SMS messaging service (using the name TasRevenue) to remind you if your land tax account is not paid.​


We will send an SMS reminder ​to you ​in the following situations:
  • ​Before the due date for you to pay your current year's land tax account (if your account in the last financial year was not paid on time). 
  • If you forget to pay your account by the due date, we will send you an SMS reminder about the unpaid account before issuing you then with a defaulter notice; or
  • Before the commencement of formal debt-recovery action.

Property owners who pay their land tax accounts by the due date will not receive an SMS reminder.

Keeping your information secure

To protect your information and to avoid scams, our SMS reminders:

  • ​do NOT include your land tax account information; 
  • do NOT ask for your bank account login or password details; and 
  • do NOT include hyperlinks (including to the SRO website).

To opt-in for SMS reminders​​

If your mobile number is already recorded on your land tax account, there is no need to opt in. 

If you have not previously provided your mobile number for your land tax account, or the number has changed, update your details online by using the Change in contact details form.

To opt-out of SMS reminders

Send your opt-out request to us by email​. You need to include your name and land tax account number.​​


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