Add bank details or direct debit payment option

​​​​1. Click on your account name from the home menu.

2. Click on the Banking details menu as follows

3. Click on the Add bank account button.

4. The banking details screen is displayed as follows

5. Enter Nickname if required.

6. Enter Account name.

7. Enter BSB.

8. Enter Name of institution.

9. Enter Account number.

10. Select an option from the drop down list for Do you want to use this account for refunds from the SRO?

11. Select Yes for Do you want payments from this account to made through TRO?

12. Read the Electronic Payment Authority Service Agreement.

13. Click on the Accept button.

14. Click on the Add button.

15. A confirmation message is displayed as follows

16. To add additional accounts click Add bank account, and repeat the steps above. (If you have multiple accounts, you will be asked which account you wish to pay the invoice from, when you click the Pay button).


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