View a summary statement of endorsed duty

​​​​1. All Accounts are displayed on the home screen as follows:

2. Click on your duty transactions account.

3. Click on Duty transactions from the menu as follows:

4. The manage duty transactions screen will display as follows:​


5. Click on the New duty transaction button as follows:

​​6. Select the required transaction.

7. Complete all fields and click on the Next button until all screens are complete.

8. Click on the Submit - Self endorse button.

9. The declarations/confirmations screen will display as follows:

10. Click on the Accept & Submit button.

11. If the Cancel Submission button is selected, the transaction is unable to be amended.

12. The confirmation screen is displayed as follows:

13. Click on the View Summary statement of Duty endorsed button.

14. Click on the Open button as follows:

15. The summary statement is displayed as follows:​

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