Intermediaries in Tasmanian Revenue Online

Intermediaries (or intermediaries' accounts) relate to Payroll Tax only.

A Tasmanian Revenue Online (TRO) intermediary account is a single login access to TRO functions for the account holder's clients as well as their own TRO account.

Setting up Intermediary relationships in TRO

1. Register yourself as your client's intermediary

To register as an intermediary, please contact the State Revenue Office on (03) 6166 4400 or email, providing your business name, ABN, address and contact person.

2. Each of your clients must identify you as their intermediary in TRO

The administrator of your clients' TRO account should:

    • Log into TRO;
    • Select 'Manage Users' from the menu;
    • Enter the Intermediarys' ABN (not the clients ABN); and
    • Submit the Intermediary request.

3. Accept the intermediary requests from your client(s)

After step 2 is completed, the intermediary will receive an email asking them to accept or decline the nomination.

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