Make a payment

​​​1. Before making a payment, you will need to ensure you:

2. Outstanding invoices and assessments will appear on your Summary page when logging into your TRO account. These are also available from the Financial summary page (depending on your access level). 

3. Payments can be made from the Summary screen or Financial Summary screen. Locate the assessment notice or invoice and click the Pay button on the right side of the transaction. 

If you cannot see the Pay button, you may not have the correct user access ​assigned. Contact your administrator about allocating the Pay invoice function to your user login. This is located on the Manage users page. 


4. Upon clicking pay you will be presented with the Pay Now screen, if you have more than one account recorded, you can choose which account to pay from. Then click Submit.

5. Your payment will now be processed. Close the “Payment Scheduled" window.

6. The invoice will now appear with the amount recorded in the Payments field in italic until the payment is processed.  ​

7. You can view and cancel your pending payments from the Banking details page​​

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