Cancel or withdraw a transaction

​​1. All Accounts are displayed on the home screen as follows:


2. Click on your duty transactions account.

3. Click on  'Duty transactions' from the menu as follows:


4. The manage duty transactions screen will display as follows:


5. Click on the View/Update link of the required transaction as follows.

6. The transaction details are displayed as follows:

7. Click on the Cancel/withdraw transaction button.

8. The cancellation screen is displayed as follows:

9. Select the Cancellation reason from the drop down list.

10. If cancellation reason is selected as Duplicate entry or Other, additional information will be required to be provided prior to cancellation.

11. Click on the Cancel transaction button.

12. The following Disclaimers screen is displayed:


13. Click on the Cancel transaction button.

14. The cancelled transaction will appear under Submitted to SRO and display a status of pending cancellation as follows:

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