Copy your property transfer certificate

​​​​​​​Property transfer certificates are displayed on your TRO home page.

There are two ways to copy your transfer certificate:

  • If you can see the certificate you would like to copy in your list of Property transfer certificates:

             1. Click on the Copy button beside the transaction as follows: ​(then continue to step 5)



  • ​If you know the certificate number you wish to copy

             1. Click on the Copy certificate button on the right hand side of the TRO user's home page as follows:

             2. The copy transfer certificate screen is displayed as follows:

​            3. Enter the Certificate number to copy.

            4. Click on the Copy button.


5. The content of the transfer certificate is copied into a new certificate as follows:

6. Enter the required amendment/s and ensure all mandatory fields are completed.

7. Click on the Create transfer certificate button.

8. The new transfer certificate is displayed as follows:​

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