Self endorse

​​Documents that can be self endorsed

Examples of the types of documents that you are able to endorse through Tasmanian Revenue Online include:

  • Mortgage/Mortgage Upstamp (Tas Security)
  • Land transaction (whole)
  • Duplicates and counterparts
  • Mortgage/Mortgage Upstamp (Cross Jurisdictional Security)
  • Mortgage Refinance (Cross Jurisdictional Security)
  • Mortgage refinance Tasmania
  • Business assets transaction (including Real Estate)
  • Mineral Tenement transaction
  • Partnership Interests Transaction
  • Statutory licence transactions (various types)
  • Miscellaneous documents

Any document not on this list or deemed too complex to be completed in-house should be forwarded to us​ for endorsement.

Please refer to the guideline: 

  Duty instrument self-endorsement arrangements for Tasmanian Revenue Online   (308Kb). 

Record, submit and stamp your document

​Once you have clicked the Self endorse button on the Duty calculations page; a unique stamping number will be displayed confirming your document has been lodged. This is to be recorded on the document.

Depending on the types of documents you are authorised to self endorse, you will need to stamp the document with your organisation's unique licence number.​

​​Amend or cancel an endorsed document

An endorsed document can be cancelled or amended within 30 days of invoicing after which time you need to apply to this office for a refund.

Once a document has been included in an invoice, it cannot be amended, but will be able to be cancelled. This cancellation would create a refund of the amount of duty and interest, if applicable, for the document on the next invoice.

Review an endorsed document

You are able to review all documents that have been recorded in Tasmanian Revenue Online. This allows you to check the accuracy of details entered and ensure a document has not been entered twice. Tasmanian Revenue Online also provides a facility so you can search for documents using a number of criteria, such as period lodged between, client reference number, document number and the partys name.

Documents can be selected from this search area for editing and cancelling provided it has not been invoiced.​​

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