Update transactions submitted to SRO

​1. All Accounts are displayed on the home screen as follows:

2. Click on your duty transactions account.


3. The manage duty transactions screen will display documents submitted to SRO as follows:

4. Click on the View/Update link of the required transaction as follows:


5. Click on the Amend button as follows:


6. Make the required amendments to the transaction.

7. Click on the Next button to move through the screens.

8. If amendments are made, a description must be made in the Any additional comments about this transaction text box (located on the final screen) prior to submitting the transaction.

9. Click on the Submit for SRO approval button on the final screen.

10. The following declarations/confirmations screen is displayed:

11. Click on the Accept & Submit button

12. If the Cancel submission button is selected, you are able to continue amending the transaction.

13. The confirmation screen is displayed as follows:


14. A copy of the details sent to the SRO will be sent to your email inbox.​​​

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