System administrator

​​Your s​ystem administrator has access to invite others to have access to your account and to manage user access :

Each individual person that requires access to an account, must have their own login. It must be in their name and be associated with an email address only that person can access. We do not allow users to share logins. 

No system administrator

​If your account does not have an administrator, email us​. We will send an administrator nomination form to your organisation.​​

Duty system administrators

If a user is required to create, amend and cancel duty transactions, your system administrator will need to update the access levels of each user under the Duty User Transactions menu. Without these access levels,​ a user can only create draft transactions. This can only happen after a new user has accepted the invitation to access a duty account​​. 

If you notice access levels are greyed out and cannot be added to a user, your account may not be registered to complete these tasks. These can be amended by updating your registration.

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