Standard Business Reporting (SBR)

​​​Standard Business Reporting (SBR) is an Australian Government initiative to reduce and simplify business-to-government reporting through SBR-enabled software.

SBR-enabled software allows businesses to prepare and lodge key government forms directly from their software to SBR partner agencies.

Payroll tax monthly returns and annual adjustment returns can be lodged directly to the State Revenue Office (Tasmania) using SBR-enabled financial, accounting or payroll software.

The Standard Business Reporting website hosts information about:

SBR-enabled software

Check with your software provider if your accounting/payroll software is SBR-enabled to allow processing and lodging of monthly Payroll Tax returns and Annual Adjustment Returns.

The government has not charged any party for the use of the SBR facilities. If your software provider imposes a cost for including SBR functionality in software, this is a matter for each business to consider.

AUSkey login ​

To use SBR, you will need an AUSkey which can then be added to your Tasmanian Revenue Online account.

AUSkey is a secure login to identify you when accessing government online services. It is common to all the government agencies participating in SBR-enabled reporting.

You should register for an AUSkey and install it prior to using your SBR-enabled software.
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